What you need to Know about Professional Business Logo Design

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December 31, 2015
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December 31, 2015
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What you need to Know about Professional Business Logo Design

Apple’s partially bitten apple logo style, Nike’s check logo, and MacDonald’s double arcs logos are unmistakably identifiable. Logos are all around us. To the public, business logos are an instant reminder of a product or company, and to businesses, they are an integral part of their branding- which they use to program the subconscious minds of their target clients. To professional logo designers, they serve as a challenge in integrating all the client’s ideologies in a single graphic image.

It is therefore no wonder that business logo design features prominently in our everyday lives. In this age when every business must have a website to support and provide information about their products, services, or ideas, the demand for top-class logo design has never been higher.

But then, what does it take to get a top quality, highly relevant and easy to recognize business logo? The challenge of making a client’s logo unique and original enough to stand out from an ocean of identities is the biggest challenge a designer faces. In this post, we will highlight some principles and tips of business logo design.

What makes a logo effective?

An effective business logo is appropriate, distinctive, practical, simple and graphic in form, conveying the intended message. In its simplest form, an effective logo is one that follows the basic principles of logo design which include:

Simplicity: A logo must be easy to recognize, and it must be versatile. An effective business logo may feature an unexpected or unique feature that a person can recognize instantly the second and consecutive times they see it.

Memorability: Closely behind the principle of simplicity is a logo’s feature of memorability. For a business logo to be considered effective, it should have appropriate features that a person can not only recognize but also associate with the logo.

Endurance: While businesses and products will need to overhaul and redesign the logo while rebranding after some time, the best logo must be able to endure the test of time. It must be future-proof, meaning it should remain relevant and effective after 10, 50 or even 100 years.

Know what to ask for

The job of a business logo design professional is to turn a client’s idea into a functional logo that represents every aspect of the business. Since the client knows the business best, it is his responsibility to express the logo idea—including preferences and concepts—to provide the designer with as much information to go with as possible. This is to ensure that the business logo design process is successful with minimal corrections and re-designs. Top logo design companies LogoMojo, Deluxe, and Logo Garden ask clients to provide business information including the products or services they provide, business colors, and taglines which play a role in the logo design process.

Before hiring a professional logo designer, it is also important to understand the impact of the use of certain colors, fonts, and shapes in the logo. In this age of electronic media, the best logos are not only those that stand out in complimentary colors, but also those that retain good resolution in all kinds of devices and can be easily distinguished in print and digital media. This feature directly impacts how the general public recognizes the business or brand in different marketing and promotional campaigns, which inherently impacts the business’ market positioning.

Creating a modern and trendy logo is fun and easy to create, but there is the risk of it going out of style too soon. Nike’s swoosh logo was created in 1971 by Caroline Davidson for just $35 but it remains one of the strongest, most effective and memorable logos to date. When thinking of a logo idea, it is important to ensure that it is not only simple but fluid, scalable, appropriately colored, and looks great in both color and black and white.

How the Best Business Logo is Designed

While a logo is just an image, it serves as an introduction to a brand. When designing a logo for your business, it is important that you factor in the audience you are trying to reach, and ensure that the logo is a simple image that not only talks about the brand and the products it deals in but also create a mood and express ideology. However, be wary of seeking inspiration through aesthetics only rather than the deep meaning of a logo. There are countless successful brand logos that inspire and guide you to think deep and come up with an original design idea that represents your brand’s unique attributes.

When you know what your business logo idea represents, it is easier to fill it with purpose and meaning and even get a professional logo designer to refine it into what will catch everyone’s eye. While getting into the design process, having a clear vision of the logo is a great place to start, seeking inspiration from existing logos is a great idea, and it is very helpful not to be fixated on a single concept. Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of adopting a slightly altered image of a successful logo rather than spend a little to have a professional designer come up with a logo that stands out both in looks and merits.

Why hire a professional business logo design company?

With so many freelance logo design sites today such as Fiverr, Logorado, and Design Crowd, getting a professionally done logo is easier and cheaper than ever. However, note that with modern designers, you get what you pay for. A business logo designer charging $10 will not produce the same results as one charging $50. Typically, a professional logo design can take between a day and a week to produce up to three or five variants of a logo for a client to select the best among them.

On top of the list of reasons to choose a professional company to handle your business’ logo design is the fact that professionals go the extra mile to ensure that the logos the create for clients do not infringe on any registered copyright or trademarks, thereby protecting a business from future losses and damages that may arise through lawsuits.

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