Killer Techniques To Include In A Winning Local Search Engine Marketing Strategy

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December 28, 2015
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Killer Techniques To Include In A Winning Local Search Engine Marketing Strategy

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Local Search Engine Marketing (aka Local SEM) is invaluable for any website which desires to maximize its local SEO. When perfectly carried out, it can raise a website’s rankings in the local SERPs. This can in turn enable a website to attract more visitors, increase the conversion rate, simplify targeted advertising and enhance its brand.

Ultimately, local SEM can enable a website to compete favorably in local-based searches and also be able to achieve its goals. If the website is for a business which serves a local client-base, it can offer a strategic advantage. Therefore, any business which desires to maximize its local SEO needs to perfect its local search engine marketing efforts.

To achieve this, a website needs to implement certain killer local SEM techniques. There are many local SEM techniques which have been refined over the years. However, the most effective ones are the following:


A Citation is perhaps the most effective technique for maximizing a website’s local SEO. This is because citations are among the key metrics used by Google to rank websites on locally-based searches. The greater the number of citations, the more Google considers the website as relevant. Therefore, to increase your local search engine rankings, you need to maximize the number of citations on the web.

The ultimate question is: “what is a citation?” Well, a citation is simply a business’ name, address and phone number (referred to as NAP). This information is critical for search engines to identify specific businesses. When deciding whether a website is relevant for local-based searches, Google uses the NAP of its associated business.

Therefore, to increase chances of your website appearing in local-based searches, you need to integrate your NAP into it. However, the NAP doesn’t just benefit search engines. It can also help potential customers who desire to get in touch with you.

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of citations, there are three important things which you need to observe. These are:

  1. Maintain 100% consistency in your NAP. Wherever your NAP appears, you must ensure that it is exactly the same and that includes how it is listed on your own company website. Make sure all your info is completely accurate, then simply copy and paste it to the different sources. If your NAP isn’t consistent, search engines may mistake other variants as pointing towards different businesses. This will prevent you from enjoying the benefits.
  2. Understand the different sources of citations. Basically, citations come from posting your NAP to different websites. The different places where you can post your NAP include:

Business Directories. These include online directories which specialize in profiling local-based businesses, and also general ones like Yellow Pages, Manta and Super Pages.

Press Releases

Bylines for Articles, Blogs and Guest Posts

Question and Answer (Q&A) Sites

Video and Image Descriptions

Forum Signatures

Social Media Profile Pages

Essentially, whenever you post any content online, make sure you include your NAP. This will tag the content to you, and increase your visibility to the Google bot. It will also make you visible to potential website visitors. The end result is that the increased exposure will improve your local SERP rankings.

  1. Conduct periodic audits on your citations. This entails cross-checking their accuracy, ensuring that they are active, and ascertaining that they are being used in contexts which are relevant to your overall goals. A good rule of thumb is to pull an audit report every quarter, then make corrections where necessary.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is a technique developed for informing search engines about the meaning of content on a webpage. Schemas are basically semantic codes which are embedded within the HTML of the webpage. Their goal is to offer semantic meaning to search engine bots.

When a webpage contains schema markup, search engines tend to index it better. They also add the extra semantic information in the SERPs. This offers onlookers more informative results. Because schemas make the content of a website more understandable to search engines, websites which contain schema markup tend to be ranked higher.

Therefore, to maximize the local search engine rankings for local-based searches, you need to include schemas which inform search engines of that your content is locally based. The way to insert the schemas is quite lengthy to describe. You can find a helpful introductory guide to schema markup right here (

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free service launched by Google to make it simpler for businesses to get their information online. GMB is one of the best tools which you can use to boost your business’ visibility on local-based searches.

GMB basically enables you to easily publish your business-relevant content on the Google platform. This can include your NAP, videos, pictures and other important information. Once you publish it, GMB then automatically syncs that info Google’s multiple services including Google Maps, Google+ and even Google Search. This makes it easier for users to locate your business irrespective of the Google service they are using.

Besides adding content and info, GMB also provides a simple way for you to interact with your customers. First of all, it enables customers to review your business. If your business consistently gets positive reviews, then your rank in local-based searches is boosted.

Secondly, GMB enables both current and potential customers to put their questions, suggestions and comments directly to you. It also makes it possible for you to respond to them. This basically opens up a communication channel which can make you more responsive to your customers.

Ultimately, using GMB makes it simpler for Google to index your website for local-based searches. It also provides an opportunity to increase your local SERP ranks – especially if customers review your business positively.

The best part about GMB is that getting started is quite simple and straightforward. And also, the service is 100% free. To find out more on how to utilize Google My Business, please visit is official Google page. (

Online Reputation Management

One of the biggest influences on local SERP rankings is online reputation. A good reputation can enhance your SERP rankings. A bad reputation hurts those rankings. As such, a good strategy for local search engine marketing is through online reputation management (ORM).

ORM basically entails monitoring what people are saying about your business, brands or products and services. The goal is to ensure that the info which is out there on the web can attract potential customers – rather than discourage them.

Let’s take an example of user reviews. If your website consistently receives positive user reviews, search engines will rate it higher. Even potential users who come across the reviews will be attracted to it. In the end, you will end up receiving additional visitors to your site. Lots of poor reviews have the opposite effect however.

Through ORM, you can tilt the odds in your favor. You can make it simpler for people to find out positive information about your website. You can also weed out any lies or misinformation which are being perpetrated by nefarious competitors. Ultimately, ORM can enable you to boost your local SERP rankings.

Other Basic SEO Strategies

The killer techniques listed above are invaluable for increasing your websites local SERP rankings. However, for them to succeed, they have to be carried out against a backdrop of key SEO strategies. These strategies include an attractive design that captures your target audience, great content to hold their attention and share with others, relevant backlinks, an attractive User Interface (UI), great User Experience (UX), faster loading time, on-site SEO, off-site SEO, social media engagement, and other organic SEO strategies.

The bottom line is that to ultimately succeed in boosting your website’s local SEO rankings, you first have to get the basics right. Therefore, before you begin executing the local SEM techniques implemented above, make sure you first get the basics right. Otherwise, without a solid SEO foundation, your local SEM techniques may not be so effective.

How We Can Help

The only challenge with local SEM is that it can be complicated. To start with, you must lay a solid foundation by executing standard SEO strategies (i.e. on-site SEO, off-site SEO, UX, etc). Secondly, you have to implement the local SEM techniques (i.e. GMB, citations, schema markup, etc).

The worst part is that you have to implement these consistently – since Google has a habit of changing its algorithms. The whole process can turn out to be long, boring and stressful. In case you don’t have the expertise, it can become downright annoying.

The smartest thing you can do is to hire an expert to help you out. This is where we come in. We have a team of experts who specialize in providing customized local search engine marketing services. Our High Ranking SEO package services entail the following:

Creating and posting citations to relevant directories and websites

Conducting regular citation audits

Providing citation update and cleanup services

Creating, monitoring and updating schema markup on webpages

Creating and maintaining your GMB account

Provide foundational on-site SEO services including optimizing all images across your site, adding in relevant content and keywords on an ongoing basis, and adding in other techniques

Provide strategic inbound marketing (off-site SEO) tactics to help boost your site ranking in the SERPs

In a nutshell, we can help you to maximize your local SERP rankings without you lifting a finger. Therefore, if you are looking to enhance your local search engine potential, simply order our High Ranking SEO package today which also includes a brand new website. To sign up right away, simply click here!!!

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