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$99 Site Design$99 Site Design.com provides high quality but affordable online digital solutions – plain and simple. If you search the Internet or visit other competing sites, you’ll find varying costs to building a website or digital marketing services. These costs are obviously dependent on the project scope. For a new website build, companies will typically ask for a hefty payment up front then the remaining amount due after your website becomes live usually within a few weeks. If there is a problem or you need assistance, there are additional fees and sometimes the wait can be long.

At $99 Site Design.com, we approach things differently. If you’re just starting out, we understand the financial toll it requires to get your business up and running. Even if you are a mid-size company, expenses or even normal business overhead costs quite often bite into marketing dollars that could be used for targeting new prospects. We help solve this problem. What we provide is an affordable and sustainable approach to website building and digital marketing services, all wrapped up in one low monthly fee – starting out at just $99 per month.

We Can Help You Find Success On The Web

Our $99 Website Package is packed full of everything you need to get your business off the ground and on the Web starting with a professional website design. Best of all we give you one-on-one assistance in everything you are trying to achieve online and are always an email, text message, or phone call away. This is because we don’t just want to build you a website. Rather, we want to help establish your business online with a strong web presence and better brand recognition.

You see, we not only provide you with a professional website that looks great over desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones but we also give you so much more. In fact, we’re more than just web developers and IT professionals. We’re online digital marketers and we’ve been doing this for a long time. What that means for you is that we not only know how to build you a great looking site but also know what it takes to drive the right targeted traffic to your new website. And getting the right targeted traffic to your website is very important and the first step to capturing leads and acquiring long-term customers into your business.

At $99 Site Design.com, we are committed to you every step of the way starting with building you a custom-fit professional website for your business that is created on a WordPress framework. We love WordPress and with it you can easily manage your site with new content, images and even blog posts. Your new website will be mobile-responsive which is another way of saying that it will render properly over mobile devices. This is good news for a couple of reasons:

Google has recently announced that a properly built website that is mobile-friendly will rank higher in their search results. Higher rankings equates to more views and also a higher CTR (click-through rate) to your web pages. It is known in the SEO community that a higher CTR can help boost your web pages higher in the search results. Another reason why having a mobile-friendly site is good news is that a mobile-responsive website can lower webpage bounce rates when a page is viewed over mobile devices. This is because your site visitors will have a better overall experience when viewing your web pages.

What Our $99 Site Design.com Package Includes

Now, each of our website designs come with professional stock photos from DepositPhotos.com. Our $99 Site Design.com package also includes on-site SEO on each of your webpages which is adding in the right meta tags, structured data schema markup, and targeted keywords so that Google knows exactly what a web page is all about. This helps your webpages rank higher in the SERPs. We also provide “user optimization” techniques on your new website to give your visitors a richer experience. This includes faster page loading and images that load in quickly but also a menu structure and page content that is well constructed, legible and organized. Once your new website is live on the Web, we manage it for you but we don’t stop there. We will also set up your Google My Business (GMB) and Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn). Did we mention we’ll also provide content for your new website – YES!

Need a new domain for your new business? No problem! We also include that in our $99 Site Design.com package. We even set up and provide to you and your staff members premium email accounts and some email marketing credits to help start driving prospects to your site through strategic email marketing campaigns which we help set up for you.

After 24 months with us, you’ll receive a brand new re-design of your website at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you. We will also freshen-up your site to include new content on each page. Since we are always looking for ways to improve functionality on our websites, we’ll also pull a detailed report to see how we can further optimize your site for the search engines and for better performance.

Now, keep in mind that you also have administrative access to your website at all times allowing you to make edits and updates to your site as needed. However, we are here to manage, update and support it for you, AT ZERO COST! Website hosting and site monitoring is also included in the $99 Site Design package and we make sure your website is always secure, safe and protected across the web. As a best practice procedure, we back up your website on a daily and weekly basis and our dedicated support team is here for you at all times to answer any questions you may have.

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